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Through our Adult Day Program, Supported Living and Employment Services programs we offer a fully integrated community where life is valuable, purposeful, and fulfilling for persons with developmental disabilities.

A supportive environment

Renewed Horizons provides a supportive environment for adults with developmental disabilities, a place where they can socialize, learn, and grow. We understand that each participant has their own unique strengths and challenges. Our dedicated staff works with each participant and family to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure your loved one makes continual progress.

Adult Day Program

A supervised and structured day program for our participants to receive a variety of social, recreational, and health activities.

Employment Services

Through individualized assessments and career planning, we work closely with each participant to create a pathway to fulfilling employment opportunities.

Supported Living

A personalized program that provides assistance to individuals with disabilities residing within their own home.

“Gratifying! Great! Grand! Satisfying! Super! Splendid! Content! Colossal! Cool! Happiness! Healthy! Harmony!”

- Jennifer, Day Program Participant

“My son has been going to Renewed Horizons since July 2017. The staff has so much compassion and love for all their clients. There are not enough words of praises I can say about how much Renewed Horizons has helped my son grow. My son has a very long drive to and from Renewed Horizons each day, yet he is happy to go five days a week. He comes home and tells us what he has done in the day, go out in the community, eat lunch with his friends and staff members. He also is happy to show us what art work he has done for the day. Before going to Renewed Horizons, my son would not talk about anything he had done or even showed interest in speaking. This is such a wonderful place for my son to grow, socialize and not be different.”

- Anon, Mother of Day Program Participant

“Awesome staff, really, really terrific. The best times I’ve had. Right up there with Disneyland and California Adventure.”

- Bryce, Day Program Participant

“I love coming here, always full of laughter. I love going out and about at different stores. Renewed Horizons I recommend to a lot of people.”

- Tammy, Day Program Participant